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Molotov Cola

Introducing our latest product - MOLOTOV COLA, a unique concoction that combines the power and thrill of a Molotov Cocktail with the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola.

MOLOTOV COLA with fiery destruction delivers pleasure and excitement, embodying the concept of explosive enjoyment. It invites you to embrace new sensations and reconsider conventions. Ignite your sense of adventure with MOLOTOV COLA - a true product for those who are willing to take a chance and try something truly unique and unpredictable.
With MOLOTOV COLA, you'll experience an explosive burst of freshness and adrenaline that will make your heart race.

MOLOTOV COLA will quench your thirst for self-destruction like never before.

*Note: This description is a fictional advertisement and does not promote violence or illegal use of Molotov Cocktail. Molotov Cocktail is a dangerous weapon, and its use is unlawful. 

Molotov Cola

installation, performance
varies depending on the number of objects, from H22 × 6 × 25 cm to H33 × 30 × 80 cm,
hand molded bottle glass, textile, fire