Делаем Витраж Искусством

The project "Crack" is original view and reflection on the events of 2020-2021, that was the period before, during and after the presidential elections in Belarus. 
That was a period of increased civic awareness, social and political activity of Belarusians and the subsequent reaction of the pseudo-state, which resulted in unprecedented repressions, which continue until this day. "Crack" is an authorial statement about how appeared a crack in the life of every Belarusian; a break in interaction with state structures, a gap in relations between people of different political and economic views, even in family relationships. And this ultimately led to a split between Belarusians and our Motherland.
The "Crack" that is becoming global today and separating Belarus more and more from the civilized world.

In the presented part of the project, I have worked with the image of the state emblem of the Republic of Belarus.

The video uses an audio track with a recording of the beating of detainees, recorded under the walls of the Minsk prison in August 2020

click image to play video


installation, video
glass object is 33×33×3 cm,
video duration is 1:54 min
kiln-cast & sand-cast glass, temperature shock; video