Делаем Витраж Искусством


The installation of "Nude" about the complexity in the knowledge of the beauty of the female body and related "mental" wounds.

The installation "Nude" is a visual interpretation of the allegory of the female body with sharp, dangerous facets that can easily inflict wounds. At the same time, the object itself - the body is not shown. There is only space bounded by transparent glass, and intersecting lines of roughly processed glass facets in which you can guess the outlines of a naked female body.

Installation "Nude" consists of 7 panels of transparent glass, rectangular shape (with polished faces). In each of the panels a piece of a certain shape is cut out (with an untreated edge - sharp, cutting, places with chipped and refracting light). When overlaying the panels one on top of the other, in the missing (cut out) pieces of glass, you can recognize the silhouette of the female body.


7 pieces of float glass
180 × 60 × 50 cm, float glass