Делаем Витраж Искусством
Vitrazh-AT* (Вiтраж-АТ)

"Vitrazh-AT" is an installation created through the interaction of the viewer with the artistic object, and refers to the history of political demonstrations and subsequent repressions in the post-Soviet space.

The installation features a series of mirror objects that are exact replicas of the Vitrazh-AT*, an anti-riot shield used by the Russian OMON (SWAT) police for body protection against projectiles during protests, scaled to a 1:1 ratio.

When viewers see their reflections in the mirror shields, they are able to identify themselves as participants in protests against the chain of Special Forces fighters. The project's opening includes a performance where viewers act as artists, transforming the Vitrazh-AT* into Vitrazh** as a piece of art by throwing stones and smashing the shields.

However, the broken mirror is probably the focus of more superstitions than any other subject in the world.

* Vitrazh-AT - Russian OMON (SWAT) police anti-riot shockproof metal shield. This shield is used for body protection against of hitting by stones, bottles, etc. It is mostly used on the post-soviet area.  
** Vitrazh - (rus) - stained glass, - piece of art, created from the pieces of glass or mirror.

The project "Vitrazh-AT" was shortlisted for the Republican competition "National Arts Award" in the category of Contemporary Art for 2019-2020.

However, the project was recalled from the competition by the administration the day before the exhibition opening due to "to avoid the possible provocations before the upcoming presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus".  

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foto credit by Sergejus Michalenko

vitrazh-at* (Вiтраж-АТ)

each object is 90×50×6 cm, 
glass, molding, metallized coating